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1º   MasTer 20 pvps
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1º   MasTer 8 pks
2º   AMorte 6 pks
3º   Eros 5 pks
4º   Estranged 4 pks
5º   GringoRouboJefim 3 pks
6º   Duvessa 3 pks
7º   AnDroiDIZinhOo 2 pks
8º   SrJanio 2 pks
9º   OFilhoDasTrevaS 2 pks
10º   Giuliana 2 pks
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12º   VNX 1 pks
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14º   SangueSuga 1 pks
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Nobless Information
For Obatin nobless killing barakiel CONDITIONS: Conditions for obtaining Nobles - you have to be in a party, you have to be not farther than a distance 1500 and to be...
24 March, 2019
Hello Pessaol, welcome to the L2REBIRTH 500x PvP Server !. Today at 16:00 Hours  GMT-3 Official opening of our server. Have not you downloaded Patch V1.2 yet? Make it now...
24 March, 2019
Hello everyone, we noticed that our patch has undergone some updates. I ask that before logging into the server TODAY Sunday at 16:00, download the new patch, so we will avoid emb...
24 March, 2019
Hello guys. We have made an Update for Clans, every clan created already started level 8 full skills, remembering bring your clan and have fun, we will be a Updates server always...
24 March, 2019

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